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Hello! I’ve really not posted on here much for some time have I..

Well I’m hoping to change that now!

I recently went on a trip to Paris with the college and this got me to dig out my DSLR for more than just photographing my metal work. This seems a good place to start posting more regularly on here again. So here is the first of what will be a series of posts from my visit to Paris.

1Perhaps it is a bit boring to start a series of Paris posts with the Eiffel Tower but it seems only right and hopefully you won’t find them too typical.2 3 6

5As you may already know I am on the Contemporary Design Craft course at Hereford and photography is not a massive part of that, although skills in photography are very useful at times, especially for photographing your own work.

However, right now I want to make photography a bigger part of my work again so you should see a bit more of my work on here. If you want to know what I’ve been doing the past year check out my other blog: hduncancreations.wordpress.com.