More of Paris


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Enjoying the Summer? I certainly enjoyed my time in Scotland, just wish I could go back and stay a bit longer.

Before I post any of my photos from Scotland I still have more of Paris to share with you. Though they were taken before Easter (yes, it has taken me that long to post these) they seem very appropriate for summer.

Louvre – Choices


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I was really excited to see the Louvre, not go in, just see it… taking my camera with me.

I’m known in my class as loving contemporary architecture and geometric shapes so these forms were always going to attract me. However, what I really loved was the contrast between the beautiful old buildings and the clear pyramid like forms.

What I also like is how the different angles and perspectives change the appearance of the area so dramatically. I took so many photos I have found it very hard to choose which ones to post.

I decided to post both of the next two, even though they are from the same angle, because the cropping changes them so much. The atmosphere is quite different and they give a very different idea of the space between the buildings.
1.11.2I plan on posting more of my photographs of the Louvre over the next week.

It’s Dark in Here


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1Welcome to the Catacombs!2Yep, our first full day in Paris me, my friend (also called Hannah) and my boyfriend made our way to the Catacombs. After walking a long way, getting a bit lost and stopping near Notre Dame for lunch we finally found ourselves in the queue to see some dead people.5I say some…
The catacombs contain the remains of around 6 million people. That’s a lot of bones!6If you want to check out the Catacombs yourself or want to about their history check out the site:
4I’ll be posting more..

A Good Place to Start


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Hello! I’ve really not posted on here much for some time have I..

Well I’m hoping to change that now!

I recently went on a trip to Paris with the college and this got me to dig out my DSLR for more than just photographing my metal work. This seems a good place to start posting more regularly on here again. So here is the first of what will be a series of posts from my visit to Paris.

1Perhaps it is a bit boring to start a series of Paris posts with the Eiffel Tower but it seems only right and hopefully you won’t find them too typical.2 3 6

5As you may already know I am on the Contemporary Design Craft course at Hereford and photography is not a massive part of that, although skills in photography are very useful at times, especially for photographing your own work.

However, right now I want to make photography a bigger part of my work again so you should see a bit more of my work on here. If you want to know what I’ve been doing the past year check out my other blog:

Pinhole Photography


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Wow! It’s been almost 10 months since my last post on here.
My last post was just before my induction day at Hereford College of Arts so it’s crazy to think that I have already finished my first year of University.

I’ve been up to a lot this year, busy with coursework and new friends, and I haven’t done a lot of photography.
Photography is not a big part of my course, Contemporary Applied Arts, however we were given the chance near the end of the year to do a few photography workshops and I jumped at the chance to have a go at pinhole photography.
pinhole005This first photo is of the entrance of my college. The distortion of the images is because my pinhole camera was made out of a Pringles tube.
pinhole004pinhole008The two above are of a sculpture at my college. For the second one I folded the photographic paper to distort the image. I thought this could be quite interesting to play with both digitally and physically, maybe inserting another image into the middle or filling the gap with drawing or stitch to extend the sculpture.
pinhole003I really liked the idea of distorting my images with folds and I took the technique further to create the above image. The effect is really quite interesting and surreal.

I really enjoyed my first year at Hereford and I am pleased to tell you that I received a 1st!
To check out some of the work I’ve done on my course this year go to my other blog

New Friends


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Meet my new friend in Hereford!
IMG_9162I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here in over a month. I guess I haven’t done much photography since the horse riding show.

I’ve just been really busy. In fact I have my induction day at Hereford College of Arts tomorrow! Exciting!!
Also I have been officially living in Hereford for 4 days!! And I’ve already made a few friends. My housemates are great and I’m pleased to say there are loads of friendly cats here. Meow!